Print Folders with STG FolderPrint Plus

Print Folders with STG FolderPrint Plus - Screenshot
STG FolderPrint Plus is a Windows program for printing folders. You get many options, including:

  • print all folders inside a folder.
  • file type images.
  • columns such as name, size, date, author, album, etc.
  • MP3 and WMA support.
  • View files inside ZIP files.
  • Filters for file types, size and dates.
  • Sort options.

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Watch the video below for a demonstration:


Print Folders from the command line

People have been printing folders on DOS for decades. And you can do it the same way, even on Windows 7 – just go to the command line, go to the folder you want and type the following:

dir > file.txt

start file.txt

That will open Notepad (or your default program) with a file list like this:

You can now print this file normally, or pass it around.

You can also use dir > lpt1 if your printer is already set for that port.

There are plenty of parameters for dir, too. /S is the most common and displays all sub-folders